Sunday, September 7, 2008

biler da tuka bahase

sumthing to ponder over:

  • never welcome sumthing u cannot entertain
  • never open your door if u mean to close ur heart
  • never accept love if u cannot give urself in return
  • never start a relationship when u know 2 end
  • some thoughts are better left unsaid, some feelings r better kept 2 urself,but love has it ways to expressing itself despite d silence
  • owez say u r sory 2 people u hv wronged
  • never abandon an old friend, u'll never find 1 who can take their place
  • god didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strenght 4 d day, comfort 4 d tears and light 4 d way
  • when u feel down cuz u didn't get what u want, juz sit tight n b happy cuz GOD is thinking of sumthing better 2 give u
  • when sumthing happens 2 u, good or bad, consider frst what it means
  • u can't make sumone luv u, all u can do is 2 b sumone who can be loved, d rest is up to the person to realize ur worth
  • life is like coins, u can spend it anyway u wish, but u can spend it only once

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