Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ntah pape jekk

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24, 2008 (AFP) - Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan will don a traditional Malay outfit when he finally gets his delayed Malaysian "knighthood" on December 6, the state's top civil servant said Monday.

Khan is to be presented with an award from southern Malacca state which carries the title "Datuk", equivalent to a British knighthood, after a 2001 film set in Malacca boosted its profile as a tourist destination.

He was to receive the award on 29 November but state officials postponed the event last week.
"From the beginning (Shah Rukh) had agreed to come to Malacca and gave several dates but the ones given were not suitable for the state as they fell on work days," state secretary Omar Kaseh said in a statement. December 6 falls on a Saturday.

He said Shah Rukh would receive the honour dressed in a traditional Malay outfit with a black wraparound cloth as well as a Songkok, a hat usually worn by Malay Muslims but also worn by non-Muslims at state functions.

About 1,000 invitees will witness the ceremony.

Omar said Shah Rukh would be in Malacca for only a day and the Bollywood star would visit various heritage and tourism sites such as the Eye on Malaysia as well as the heritage districts of Jonker Walk and Kampung Morten.

However, the award has proved contentious, with some critics suggesting it should go to local artists or celebrities rather than a foreign actor.

Since the filming of Khan's 2001 movie, "One 2 Ka 4" at a popular resort in Malacca, the number of tourists coming from India has increased significantly, state officials say.
Malaysia has become a popular location for Indian films, which have a huge following among ethnic Indians and the majority Muslim-Malays.

huhuhhuh...ntah pape jekk...ni la die...kalo org kt malaysia bz camane pown ttap dtg tuk terima anugerah tu...kire hormat la kt sultan ke raja ke...ni tuk mamat ni kite lak kne ikut die...ntah pape jekk...taley ea kalo die xdtg tu trus burn jekk anugerah gelaran tu??tp kalo btul la sbb die malaysia punye tourism dapat naik so tenkiu la bebanyak ye...

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